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Short Vivien update….

Is crawling faster than her parents would like her to,  always making a bee line for whatever she isn’t supposed to play with…:)

Stands up unassisted and can hold herself up for short periods…

Loves her dad’s cell phone, the TV remote, our puppies and having company over…

On a last note… people always tell you that kids grow up fast but it’s really even more unbelievable than I imagined.


S+J and V!


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  • Mindy RIves

    Wow….she is adorable!!! Love the new blog! Happy 2009!

  • She’s lovely and reminds me of her mother when Steph and Michael were babies together. Steph is 9 days older than Mike. The middle picture is a spitting image!

  • Erin Mueller

    She is absolutely PRECIOUS! What a beautiful baby girl. Stef – she looks exactly like you!!!

A perfect winter wedding…Caroline and Cole were married at Royal Lane Baptist and had their reception at The Adolphus Hotel in downtown Dallas.

Favorite moments…. Cole’s aunt’s speech at the rehearsal dinner… the 3-4 minutes Caroline had with her dad before walking down the aisle…finding a note in front of Mrs. Conway’s seat reading “Stand for Bride” 🙂 and the bridesmaids getting Cole to dance at the end of the night

Here is a link to a short slideshow with a few more images:

We loved every minute of it y’all and we hope ya’ll have a very Merry Christmas!


J+S and Vivien


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When we first heard from Meredith and Micheal about their wedding they were both living in Paris and called us to say they wanted to have us for their wedding in Weatherford, TX and both Stephanie and I thought… why leave Paris :). But, as it turns out there is an absolutely gorgeous venue in downtown Weatherford that was the perfect setting for these two Texas to return home and get married.

Chandor Gardens is a wonderful outdoor park that was once home to a painter and has since been given to the city as a historical landmark and it is an amazing space for events like weddings!

Loved, her aunt’s vintage wedding dress…watching Mr. Hudson dance with his daughter…the beautiful outdoor dinner…stealing y’all for a quick portrait on the bridge and the setting sun just behind you while you held one another just after the ceremony. AWESOME!!!

Check this link for a short slide show of a few more photographs from the day:


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