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Man-o-man have I been excited the photos from Bree and Erik’s wedding at Pony Creek Ranch which has to be on one of the most unique and beautiful wedding venues anywhere in Texas. Pony Creek Ranch is located just outside of Granbury and comes complete with an amazing ranch house, tons of beautiful exotic animals, one safari bus and a perfect Texas landscape.

There is a lot I could say about this wedding but here’s what I’ll put down for now… if I was to spend an eternity as a wedding photographer making images of the same wedding over and over this one would be near the top of that list… amazing families, beautiful boutique ranch setting and most importantly Bree and Erik two of the most genuine and awesome people we could ever hope to work with.

Check out a few of our favorite frames from the weekend..

Pony Creek Ranch Wedding Photos 0016pintopinterest

Pony Creek Ranch Wedding Photos 0001pintopinterestPony Creek Ranch Wedding Photos 0002pintopinterestPony Creek Ranch Wedding Photos 0003pintopinterestPony Creek Ranch Wedding Photos 0004pintopinterestPony Creek Ranch Wedding Photos 0005pintopinterestPony Creek Ranch Wedding Photos 0006pintopinterestPony Creek Ranch Wedding Photos 0007pintopinterestPony Creek Ranch Wedding Photos 0008pintopinterestPony Creek Ranch Wedding Photos 0009pintopinterestPony Creek Ranch Wedding Photos 0010pintopinterestPony Creek Ranch Wedding Photos 0011pintopinterestPony Creek Ranch Wedding Photos 0012pintopinterestPony Creek Ranch Wedding Photos 0013pintopinterestPony Creek Ranch Wedding Photos 0014pintopinterestPony Creek Ranch Wedding Photos 0015pintopinterest   Pony Creek Ranch Wedding Photos 0018pintopinterestPony Creek Ranch Wedding Photos 0019pintopinterestPony Creek Ranch Wedding Photos 0020pintopinterestPony Creek Ranch Wedding Photos 0021pintopinterest

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  • Barry Harper

    Wow! These are some great pictures! Congratulations to you all, and to Bree and Erik, I wish you two the very best!ReplyCancel

  • Bree Blais

    T H A N K Y O U!!!!!!!
    Thank you so much for capturing the BEST.DAY.EVER! A true talent you both have & it shows! We are so fortunate to have these beautiful images tell our story of what we like to call the fastest day ever 🙂 Looking forward to seeing the rest!ReplyCancel

The word that comes to mind when I think about this wedding is simple… true.  Elsa and Ryan have a true love of family, of each other and their faith that is impossible not to love.

They were married in the chapel of The Heights Baptist Church of Richardson in a beautiful ceremony and then partied the night away at The Charles W. Eisemann Center. Despite a brief rain storm and some amazing humidity it was a beautiful day to get married and as I predicted the rain brought us some stunning clouds and those wet streets that glimmer in the evening light.

These two have been living apart for some time while Ryan finished law school and Elsa took a job on the East coast and so this wedding really did bring these two back together since they are now finally able to start their life together under the same roof. I do have to say that during the time I spent with them it seems to me that the distance was really nothing… they were as comfortable, relaxed and in love no matter what life was throwing at them. I wish them a very long and happy marriage.

Below is a small collection photos that represent some of my favorite moments at the wedding, it’s through images like these that I hope they remember this day well and always continue to be truly inspirational for all those that know them.




Eisemann Center Wedding Photos 0001pintopinterest

Eisemann Center Wedding Photos 0002pintopinterest

Eisemann Center Wedding Photos 0003pintopinterest

Eisemann Center Wedding Photos 0004pintopinterest

Eisemann Center Wedding Photos 0005pintopinterest

Eisemann Center Wedding Photos 0006pintopinterest

Eisemann Center Wedding Photos 0007pintopinterest

Eisemann Center Wedding Photos 0008pintopinterest

Eisemann Center Wedding Photos 0009pintopinterest

Eisemann Center Wedding Photos 0010pintopinterest

Eisemann Center Wedding Photos 0011pintopinterest


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When I woke up the other morning I was convinced this shoot was going to get rained out with clouds and rain rolling into the metroplex it just looked like the day was going to be a wash out for Lindsey and John’s engagement session. But as luck would have it by about 6p the rain was moving off and we were left with a spectacular evening and a brilliant purple/blue sunset. The shoot started out at Winfrey Point (White Rock Lake) and meandered down through The Arts District and finally out to what is becoming a popular spot out on the other side of the Hill-Hunt bridge which has recently been upgraded with a new park and walking bridge.

Photo tip: One funny thing I hear a lot about overcast weather is that it’s so much easier to take pictures in that light but I think that’s not always true for us. The challenge with overcast light is that it’s really flat and leaves the picture without any 3-D like pop or bright saturated color, in favor of a more washed out feel which is great for some images… but not all of them. For that reason I often wind up using just as much lighting on an overcast afternoon as I would on a sunny one. If you take a look at this first and third images especially, you’ll see that I am trying to subtly use my light to control the shadows, the pop in the colors and separation from the background. Compare that to the image of them under the tree which is natural light that has been overexposed to have a more ethereal feel.

creative dallas engagement portraits 0001pintopinterestcreative dallas engagement portraits 0002pintopinterest creative dallas engagement portraits 0003pintopinterest creative dallas engagement portraits 0004pintopinterest

creative dallas engagement portraits 0005pintopinterest

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I hear and see the term photojournalistic thrown around in wedding photography all the time and I think it’s become a word that wedding photographers throw around casually to describe their style but I and many others hold that term to a much higher standard the mere documentation of an event. To me if you really look at a photojournalist’s work it does more than just unobtrusively document your day, which is something every wedding photographer does by default. Photojournalists elevate simple documentation because they capture images that tell stories within the layers of images and through decisive moments where basic documentation falls short.

I will give you some examples below but let me just put this on other thought down into words. What might seem like luck to some (as in OMG how cool of a moment is that and/or look at what’s going on behind them!) is really about a dedication to the story, anticipation and hard work. When you come across an image that really tells a story or really represents a perfect moment you know it because it makes you pause and think, you feel it as much as you see it.

best dallas wedding photographer 01pintopinterest

I could have made this image of Valerie and her dad with a wall behind them but instead I anticipated the reactions of the bridesmaids to this important moment that happens at nearly every wedding. I probably took 10 pictures in this sequence but I love this one because we can see both of them, their expressions and you can feel the moment in the reactions of everyone in the room.

best dallas wedding photographer 02pintopinterest

This is how I hope every groom feels right after being married. Foreground moment + background moment = greatness.

best dallas wedding photographer 03pintopinterest

This was a first for me, it happened only once and it was late into the night. Even when it’s 12:45am and we’re two of only a handful of sober people in the room we’re working hard to be in the right place at the right time.

best dallas wedding photographer 04pintopinterest

Caitlin and John exchange letters… it would have been an image even if I had just focused on John but watching her anticipating his reaction is what really makes it awesome for me.

best dallas wedding photographer 05pintopinterest

With split second timing needed for this image chance favors the prepared. It’s not too often that you even see a wink much less catch it on camera.

best dallas wedding photographer 06pintopinterest

There are 10 great shots of Sarah and Shane walking back up the aisle but this really works best for me because it’s the peak moment in a reaction to a friend that gives it a little something extra.

best dallas wedding photographer 07pintopinterest

This was just about anticipation and knowing the wedding day… this was a last dance after the crowd had already left the ballroom. The last kiss of the night before the wedding was all over. Again it pays to be present and work the scene until you can’t, dancing alone would have been fine, the kiss is the moment.


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Let it be said that I would have had an awesome time photographing Emily and Michael’s engagement portraits even if we had been limited to the inside of a proverbial paper bag.  They are an awesome couple and  I really believe they will change the world someday. I love their passion and their outlook on life but mostly I enjoyed their sense of humor and watching how easy they love one another.

On a side note both Emily and Michael are involved with a non-profit organization called Amani Africa that teaches women in Africa sewing, crafting, and business skills (http://www.amaniafrica.org). Emily wore a necklace, set of earrings, and skirt made by the talented ladies of Amani ya Juu (Swahili for “peace from above”) in the engagement photos! If you are looking for something truly beautiful and helps a good cause for your collection please check them out!

Now about that paper bag…. I was speechless as I drove up this magical secret garden oasis which is Emily’s family home. It is meticulous in it’s planning and full of beauty both in small details and huge sweeping vistas. There has been so much love poured into this place that it was a welcome challenge to have to whittle down so many choices to just a few for this shoot. I absolutely believe this will be a wedding ceremony location I will never forget.




rockwall engagement photo 001pintopinterest

rockwall engagement photo 002pintopinterest

rockwall engagement photo 003pintopinterest

rockwall engagement photo 004pintopinterest

rockwall engagement photo 005pintopinterest

rockwall engagement photo 006pintopinterest


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