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Welcome to Joseph Mark Photography! We are an award winning husband and wife photography team who love to photograph weddings together. Our style can best be described as both documentary and editorial; we strive to tell stories that are authentic and capture portraits that are unique and beautiful.

 Every wedding is full of sweet and amazing moments, wonderful families and endless opportunities to create a visual record that will endure well beyond even the years we are given… and that is why we love what we do.

 We are primarily Dallas wedding photographers but we do love to travel and have photographed weddings everywhere from the Amalfi coast of Italy to the beaches of Maui so if you’re having a wedding out of town we would love to talk to you about it!

 Outside of unique and memorable images our single greatest hope and responsibility is to provide all of our clients outstanding customer service. We work very hard to make sure all of our couples have a fun, and drama free experience with us. We will always be available to you for consultation and we work hard on the wedding day to be efficient, creative and to always be in the right place at the right time.



Wedding Packages – starting at $3495 for Saturdays, special rates for elopements and small weddings are available

Email us at stephanie@josephmark.com or call 214.497.7159 and we’ll be happy to send you a complete pricing guide or use the Contact link above and we’ll get back to you right away. All of our packages include 8 hours of coverage from both of us on your wedding day and a copy of the edited full resolution images. All packages are customizable to fit your needs so please let us know how we can make it work for you.

Engagement Sessions – 

Up to 2 hours of photography usually in two different parts of the city and we welcome clothing changes if you would like. After the session you receive a copy of the full resolution images for printing. We also offer engagement guest signing albums (which are awesome) and you can check out samples at our studio. It is also worth knowing that engagement sessions are built into our wedding packages.

Bridal Portrait Sessions – 

Up to 2 hours of photography in a location of your choosing (we’ll be happy to plan this with you to match your style). You receive a copy of the full resolution images with your session and you can order anything you like from us including canvas and fine art prints.

Family Portrait Sessions –  Please see our family portrait website at www.bigwallstudio.com for more information

Video ( Hybrid ) – $1750 (only available when added to a wedding package)

The highlights slide show with audio ( click link to see some samples) is our way of using multimedia to bring new depth to your wedding memories. By joining our photography with audio recordings of all the major moments of your wedding day we are able to create a truly one of a kind product that we think is truly one of the best ways to tell a story. No compromises are made with regard to our photography, everything stays the same and simultaneously we capture the audio and put everything together in post production.  Give it a look and listen and let us know if you’re interested in learning more about it!

 All prices are subject to Texas State Sales Tax of 8.25% Travel fees apply for weddings outside of the D/FW area.






Where is your studio?

Our studio is located in the historic Southside On Lamar Building at 1409 S. Lamar St. #235, Dallas TX 75215. We do have a great space for studio sessions and some awesome views from our rooftop overlooking the Dallas skyline but we are by no means limited to that location. We are happy to photograph anywhere you want to go. If you need help with ideas for a location to photograph your session just let us know and we’ll show you examples of the dozens of places we love to shoot.

When do I need to schedule my session?

 – Weddings : brides usually book around 6-12 months in advance and peak wedding season is March through November. Popular dates each year go very quickly so inquire as soon as you know! We only photograph one wedding per day and it’s always us that will be your photographers. We do offer discounts for non-Saturday weddings.

– Engagement session: You can book your session as soon as you want but generally these are photographed 6-9 months before the wedding, sometimes sooner if you are using the images for your Save The Date cards. We are available to photograph engagements during the week and also on Sunday afternoons.

– Bridal session: These are almost always done about 4-6 weeks before the wedding when you have finished with alterations to the dress and have chosen a hair and makeup stylist to work with. We will proof and edit the images in a couple of days and then you will have time to print and frame anything you would like for the wedding.


What advice do you have about what to wear for our session?

For engagement sessions we always recommend that you compliment one another and try to keep things simple. Ladies we love dresses for urban sessions and jeans for casual locations but feel free to work within your style and always err on the side of a little more dressy, a little more jewelry and slightly more color for your makeup. If you want to change clothes we recommend two very different looks, that way you get a great variety of images. For the groom, in general go simple, jeans, a button front shirt and a blazer almost always works. Suits can also be amazing as long as he’s not overdressed compared to what you’re wearing. Lastly, be aware of fabrics that wrinkle easily because you will be moving around quite a bit and we want you to look as good at the end of the session as you did in the beginning.

For bridal portraits we recommend that you have your hair and makeup professionally done and if you need a recommendation we’re happy to send you one. Second, if you have a veil don’t put it on until during the session, that way we can get some images without it. Third, you’ll probably want to get a bouquet to match the wedding/season so talk to your florist about that when you meet with them. One last thought, bring a friend and a comfortable pair of spare shoes with you as well.. it will make it easier and more fun!

When will the wedding photos be ready to view?

Wedding photographs are typically delivered 3-4 weeks after the event while portrait sessions typically take about a week.

 How many images will I see from my portrait session?

Typically we deliver 50-75 images from an engagement session and about 500-600 images from a wedding. These numbers do change pretty dramatically for larger weddings (300+) or if you include rehearsal dinner/extra days of photography.

 How do I order my prints after the wedding/session?

Each session includes an online gallery that is password protected where prints and products can be ordered.



How do we pick a location?

The end goal of the location you choose should always be to compliment your style and hopefully to be as personalized to you as we can make it. With that in mind, the first thing to think about is any locations or activities that have meaning for you and might be fun as a theme/location for the shoot? Where do you guys spend time? Where did he propose? Do you have family property/ranch/lake house etc.? If you envisioned a portrait on your wall what would it look like? If nothing specific comes to mind we do have an extensive list of places where we know the look and vibe and we’ll help you match it up to your vision.

Do you recommend professional hair and makeup?

This can make a wonderful difference both for your portraits and your wedding day. If you’re even thinking about it… we say go for it. If you need a team/company to do it all engagement, bridal, wedding day/wedding party we would love to give you that recommendation.

How do you pose us for portraits?

 For most of the wedding day we’re not going to pose you, we just need you to be yourselves but when we do need to make portraits it’s more like coaching than standing there with a permanent grin on your face. We will help you to understand what we need and then we just play, we laugh about it, and we’re never stuck on one thing for too long. In the end it shouldn’t feel like work.

 What time of day do you recommend for portraits?

 We would be lying if we didn’t say that typically the best light of day comes an hour or two before sunset. When the light is low in the sky it’s warmer, more directional and it makes for generally more awesome backgrounds. That being said, a lot can depend on what time of year we’re shooting and the location you choose. Down in the heart of Highland Park for example, along Turtle Creek the tree cover and canals of the creek mean that the best light is much earlier than at The Arboretum.

What about wardrobe and props and indoor locations for a shoot?

For family sessions we always recommend that you don’t match but rather compliment one another and try to keep things simple. Ladies we love dresses for urban sessions and jeans for casual locations but feel free to work within your style and always err on the side of a little more dressy, a little more jewelry and slightly more color for your makeup. For guys keep things simple and understated. Always stay with his style but also err on being a little more dressed up. If he’s really stuck Dark jeans, a button front shirt and a blazer/jacket almost always gets the job done. When it comes to props for a themed shoot Pinterest, the wedding blogs etc. can be a great help. If you are interested in something like this then let us help too. We are always open to helping plan and making your vision come to life. We also have great contacts at many of the venues around town and often they are available for a small fee.

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