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Meet Us

Yes, we’re married, we work together and we love it!

Maybe it’s ironic but we did actually meet at a wedding… she was there as her best friend’s +1 and came up to me, oh so smoothly, and told me that I was photographing her best friend’s wedding and she loved my photographs. Literally since our wedding we’ve only spent a handful of days apart and I know after photographing so many wonderful weddings together, she can read my mind.


| Taken by 3 year old Nicholas who was not only snapping the photos but also directing… :)|

She used to be one of those people who would tell you she loved to travel but hadn’t really been anywhere but in the time we’ve been together we’ve covered everywhere from Italy to Hawaii for weddings and true to her word it’s one of her favorite things in life.

We both love food and we’ll eat cheap every meal of a trip just to have one really fancy dinner. Her favorite restaurant is one we literally stumbled upon while in San Francisco called Citizen Cake… ask her to tell you about that dinner and watch her eyes light up.

I love coffee, photography, technology, all things fine art and I’ll tell you anything you want to know over a scotch and a really nice cigar.

She loves all things dark chocolate… at Christmas she turns into a full-fledged candy maker and everything from pretzels to Oreos are coated in the stuff to give away in her famous holiday boxes. If you need to lift her spirits Dark Chocolate M&M’s are a must.

I have wanderlust for all of America’s national parks, I’ve been to dozens and it’s a lifetime project to photograph all of them with my dad. Last year we spent a week camping in Arches N.P. and I really got a dose of what astrophotography is all about and since then I’ve even found a way to let that seep into my portraits. To tell the truth though the trips are mostly about disconnecting from the world and spending time with my dad.

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To understand our wedding style is to know that one our foremost goals is that we do not want to be a spectacle, I would rather wear a hole in the knee of my suit than stand in front of your guests during important moments of the day. We strive always to be gracious, adaptable and fun. A lot of our style is about capturing real moments and that can only really happen when you forget about our presence.

I remember a wedding not long ago at a reception where a grandmother quietly gave her granddaughter a letter and a gift of a string of pearls that had been passed down generations. They spent a minute together reading, crying and embracing it was a perfect moment I knew they both would love. When they were just about to part I saw the bride start to look for me wanting a picture with her grandmother, she had no idea I had been with her the entire time and that is honestly what you live for as a photographer.

Another thing you should probably know is that my wife is a night owl and will likely be emailing late into the night, she can’t really rest if she thinks anyone is in need of information. We are compulsive about responsiveness and we know that great customer service is the best way to earn your referral. Just don’t be surprised if your phone beeps at one o’clock in the morning.

Everything we do we do ourselves… you get us 100%. We would love to meet you and see if we click because there is no greater honor as a photographer than to be trusted to photograph a wedding. Call us at 214-497-7159 or email and we’ll start this journey together.


Steph and Joe

p.s. Joseph Mark Photography is a member of Professional Photographers of America, WPPI, the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers, The Best of Wedding Photography and was named Wedding Photographer of the year by the American Association of Professional Wedding Planners in 2008 and 2014!!!