Audio Slide Shows

Audio Slide Shows

Or maybe more descriptively highlight images slide shows with audio recordings from your wedding!


So here it is… our new idea for which we only have a working title, the Highlights Slide Show with Audio.

This is the marriage of great emotional storytelling imagery and the depth of understanding that comes from hearing yourselves say your vows and listen to the speeches from thepeople you love.

In short we love the still image and all it’s ability to define the perfect moment and we love the way your voices add to that story in the way that music and the written word can never really do justice.

When you hear your dad giving his speech with tears in his eyes or how nervous your fiancé sounds during your vows it will cement the memory of the that perfect still image in your mind.

Check it out, let us know what questions you have… we would love to talk about it.

Here is a recent favorite we love of Bree and Erik’s wedding and you’ll find more on our Vimeo site at: Our Vimeo Page for | Highlights Slide Show with Audio |


Pony Creek Ranch Wedding | Bree and Erik from Joseph Ellis on Vimeo.


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