Dallas Engagement Portraits | Lindsey and John

When I woke up the other morning I was convinced this shoot was going to get rained out with clouds and rain rolling into the metroplex it just looked like the day was going to be a wash out for Lindsey and John’s engagement session. But as luck would have it by about 6p the rain was moving off and we were left with a spectacular evening and a brilliant purple/blue sunset. The shoot started out at Winfrey Point (White Rock Lake) and meandered down through The Arts District and finally out to what is becoming a popular spot out on the other side of the Hill-Hunt bridge which has recently been upgraded with a new park and walking bridge.

Photo tip: One funny thing I hear a lot about overcast weather is that it’s so much easier to take pictures in that light but I think that’s not always true for us. The challenge with overcast light is that it’s really flat and leaves the picture without any 3-D like pop or bright saturated color, in favor of a more washed out feel which is great for some images… but not all of them. For that reason I often wind up using just as much lighting on an overcast afternoon as I would on a sunny one. If you take a look at this first and third images especially, you’ll see that I am trying to subtly use my light to control the shadows, the pop in the colors and separation from the background. Compare that to the image of them under the tree which is natural light that has been overexposed to have a more ethereal feel.

creative dallas engagement portraits 0001 creative dallas engagement portraits 0002 creative dallas engagement portraits 0003 creative dallas engagement portraits 0004

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