Our philosophy

Beyond delivering uniquely beautiful story telling images our single greatest hope and responsibility is to provide all of our clients a first class experience. Making images with us should be a effortless and enjoyable, we will be there for you every step of the way.


Wedding packages normally range between $5,000-$10,000

Of course every wedding package can be customized to fit your schedule and desired deliverables. If you'll take a second to contact us we'd love to learn more about your event and we'll send over our complete pricing information. There are special rates for elopements and non-Saturday events.


Our commitment to you

  • We will always be prompt in our response to any questions you have, many times we'll get back to you in the same day and almost always within 24 hours. We hate having unanswered emails so you might hear back even late at night but know that we think getting back to you is a priority. You'll also of course have our numbers for phone/text should you need us right away.
  • In the pre-wedding part of our service we'd love to help in picking locations/clothing/time of day to give you the best images possible. There is no time we're not with you in the planning of your engagements, bridals or wedding day. We know through the experience of more than 500 weddings how to make each experience with us easy and beautiful so you both can relax and enjoy yourselves.
  • On the wedding day we're there to not only guide you through the key moments but also to capture the important relationships in your lives. Wedding days are fast paced events and we want you to know that we're looking out not only for the beauty of your images but that we're working to give you a collection that isn't missing any key people just because they didn't know they were needed.
  • We are adaptable and we know how to make the best of any challenges that might arise. There are a lot of variables to any shoot or wedding day: weather, time of day, location etc. - anything can/will happen but we want you to know we can make beautiful images in almost any conditions. We've been there/done that and we're prepared with the tools and knowledge to still deliver images you'll love.

WHen do I get my images?

You'll see a sneak peek of your wedding images about 1-2 days after and the final delivery around 4-5 weeks after the event. We'll deliver everything on a private website and you can invite anyone to either view or download the images as you wish. Portrait sessions are typically delivered one week after the shoot and are immediately available to you for printing/sharing.

how does the album get desgined/delivered?

The album design process can begin anytime before your one year anniversary (most people begin around a month after). Once you've given us the green light to design from a list of our favorite images OR you submit a list to us we'll go to work creating a design. That design will go online so you can give feedback and we'll make any changes you request. Once that feedback process is complete the book will go to the printer and it should be in your hands within a few weeks. Typically the entire process takes around 8-12 weeks depending on how much time you need to give your feedback.



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