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OMG – I cannot stop watching the video! It is amazing!!!!!!! I’ve cried
– I’ve laughed – I’ve smiled at just seeing everyone truly have the BEST
time! We have heard a million times from friends & family (who are not
biased of course) that this was the best wedding – the best food – the
best music – and the photos! Wow! Everyone has asked if they are real,
are they fake? Who was the photographer because they are the best
wedding photos they have ever seen?!?!?!

We cannot thank y’all enough!

– Bree


I am absolutely in love with all the photos, but more importantly the
moments you captured. My wedding day was hands down one of my favorite
days yet that I have lived and you have beautifully captured every moment.

Also, we have had a ton of people ask who our photographers were after
looking at the first few photos. Both you and Joe are so incredibly
talented and I am going to tell everyone I know to use you for their
professional photos!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am going to spend the rest of my
night going through these wonderful pictures!

– Emily


Stephanie and Joe Ellis are the most talented photographers in the
business! They know how to capture every moment and how to take fun and
unique photos that you will love every time you look at them.
I had the pleasure to work with them for my engagement photos, bridal
portraits and then of course for the wedding. Every time I got my photos
back I was in shock as to how good they were! Never could I have
imagined how wonderful photos could be until I saw these!
My one piece of advice for all engaged couples out there looking for a
wedding photographer is to hire Joseph Mark Photography. Their prices
are comparable but it’s their talent and customer service that makes
them better than the rest. I promise you will not mind spending one cent
of your budget on them. You will enjoy looking at your photos over and
over again

– Victoria


I’ve been meaning to email you to thank you for the beautiful photos!
They are perfect and you and Joe did such a wonderful job capturing
everything! It’s going to be nearly impossible to pick out the ones I
want to frame!



Thanks!!!!  Can’t tell y’all enough how amazing y’all did on our
photos.  They made me feel like I was back in that place again:). Y’all
are amazing!  Thanks again!


We love them so much!!! We loved working with you guys. Thank you for
the beautiful memories.



We love love love them yall!! Everything looks SO great!! ….
We had so much fun with yall on the day of also!!


Dear Stephanie and Joe,

I wanted to take the time to send you guys another email and express my
gratitude for your services on and before our wedding day.

Last August, when I was looking for a photographer, I probably looked
through about 75 different photographer’s websites in the DFW area. I
was looking for a photographer who could capture more “artistic” images
(without being too over-the-top). I didn’t want my pictures to look like
everyone else’s pictures. I ended up meeting with 4 different
photographers (including you guys). When I met with you guys in the
studio, and looked through your albums and slide shows, I felt like you
guys did a really great job capturing the more intimate moments of the
wedding, and that you took a more artistic approach to engagement photos
and wedding photos.

Lane and I had NO idea what to expect when we took our engagement
photos. Besides posing for school and sports photos, we’d never actually
had to pose for professional photos! You guys made us feel very
comfortable (or as comfortable as one can be in front of a camera), and
told us exactly what to do so that we looked our best in the photos.

Stephanie, I can not thank you enough for your prompt responses to my
zillions of emails. I did not have a wedding planner, so I relied very
heavily on all of my wedding vendors to help me out with all of the fine
details! I appreciate you giving your opinion and advice on little
things- like what to do for our exit, what our wedding ‘day-of’ timing
should be, what cake vendors you like, what uplighting colors looked
best, etc. It helped me out tremendously!

Everyone was blown away when Joe showed up to the rehearsal dinner to
check out the church and make sure that he got all of the church rules
and requirements. That was really above and beyond the job description.

Joe showed up a little early the day of the wedding to start snapping
pictures. Joe, you looked very professional, and considering that you
were walking into a room full of girls getting ready, you acted very at
ease, and none of the girls felt uncomfortable. You managed to not even
look bored when it took like 2 hours to put on my makeup- ha!

You guys set up our absolute favorite part of the night: the first look.
We had no idea how it was going to happen, or where it was going to be,
or what we were even supposed to do. You guys gave us EXACT instructions
on what to do, when to smile, when to turn, when to start walking, etc.
Our first look felt so romantic to us, and we loved the way that you
guys set it up. My mom saw our sneak peak photos, which have a few from
the first look– and she said she started crying just looking at the

At the church, it was awesome that you guys split up to get pictures of
me, and everyone else. Stephanie, I hear the boys did NOT censor
themselves– sorry about that! Poor Joe was locked in an over-sized
bathroom for an hour with my mom and me! While we were locked in there,
my mom asked Joe how he didn’t get so bored filming wedding after
wedding after wedding, and Joe said, ‘Well, Stephanie and I really try
to get to know each couple, and try to figure out what makes them
different from other couples, and we try to photograph everyone based on
their personalities and needs”– or something to those lines, and I
think that sums you guys up perfectly. That’s exactly how we felt the
entire day.

During the ceremony, I loved how you guys were shooting from different
angles to try to capture every aspect. Y’all were so incredibly patient
with all of the formal staged photos that we took before and after the
wedding– significantly more patient than I was!

During the reception, I do not think that I was out of Joe’s line of
vision the entire night. I saw him out of the corner of my eye the
entire night- I can not imagine having to watch someone who dances as
terribly as I dance for hours on end! What a trooper! I hope that you
got to eat and take breaks… if you did, I didn’t even notice!

We got SO many compliments on you guys DURING the wedding reception–
everyone was talking about how you guys were there for every single
moment, tear, and laugh through out the night. I wouldn’t imagine that
many photographers are getting complimented before the guests have even
seen the pictures!

One of my bridesmaid’s Facebook posts after the wedding said, “I’m kind
of bummed that I’m not getting followed around by the wedding
photographers anymore. I was starting to think I was a celebrity.”

One of the first things that Lane said the morning after our wedding was
“I am so glad that you picked Stephanie and Joe. I think those pictures
are going to be so awesome”.

Well, based on the sneak peek pictures that you sent us, it looks like
he (and our guests) were right! I’m not sure of the way that you guys
get notified about people sharing your photos on Facebook– I shared the
Lane-fist-pump-picture that you put up on Facebook, and my mom shared it
from my page, my grandparents shared it from my mom’s page, etc… And I
“liked” the link on your blog, and then a few of my friends shared my
“like”, and then people were sharing it off of there… anyways, if you
don’t know this, those pictures have gone absoluty viral. I don’t think
they are all linking together, but I think about 100 people have liked
the fist-pump-photo in different places on facebook, and about 75 have
liked the link to your website.

We can’t wait to see the rest of the photos.

Please feel free to use me as a reference any time you need one!

Thanks again,

Ashley Lawson Pearson